Floundering fiasco

19 March 2023 6:38 PM GMT
Pakistani media is brimming with criticism against the political class that has failed utterly in managing the political-economic crisis prevailing in...

Staving off communalism

20 Feb 2023 12:00 PM GMT
It is high time that Bangladeshi intelligence agencies take a strict stand to stall the election-driven communal politics practised by nefarious...

In despair

12 Feb 2023 11:55 AM GMT
Pakistan is ostensibly in a state of shock and desperation after the TTP-sponsored Peshawar suicide bombing rattled its already beleaguered economy

Unabating maelstrom

29 Jan 2023 11:46 AM GMT
Despite the security agencies making all-out efforts to control a plethora of crimes in Bangladesh’s Cox's Bazar, outcomes remain abysmal

Misleading rhetoric

4 Dec 2022 5:42 PM GMT
The November 23 military address by General Bajwa appears devoid of fact, and is meant to cover up historical follies and present misdeeds

Murder in cold blood?

14 Nov 2022 12:58 PM GMT
The killing of Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif in Kenya has stirred up a hornet’s nest — with political blame game intensifying as the probe...

Pakistan's FATF exit justified?

30 Oct 2022 3:32 PM GMT
Pakistan’s government should continue plugging the gaps in the financial system and should not be complacent after getting off the hook from the FATF...

Weeding out the wicked?

9 Oct 2022 5:39 PM GMT
The ban on PFI is a severe blow to vested interests, and will help curb the rising menace of communal radicalisation in the country

Lacklustre address!

2 Oct 2022 8:22 PM GMT
Shehbaz Sharif’s maiden UNGA speech attracted rebuttal from the Afghan government, and his rant on the Kashmir issue failed to convince the audience

Unabating menace

26 Sep 2022 1:49 PM GMT
Though a UN assessment describes the security situation in Cox’s Bazar to be ‘peaceful’, certain incidents show ARSA may still be active in the

Collective battle

28 Aug 2022 2:24 PM GMT
Since persistent terror blasts in Afghanistan have global implications, the ruling Taliban can seek intelligence-based cooperation from India and the...

Rooting out the last fragments

17 Aug 2022 3:46 PM GMT
Ayman al-Zawahiri’s killing has left al-Qaeda with a leadership crunch — which the Biden administration can target to eliminate the terror group...
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