Nexus of Good: A nourishing legacy

27 Sep 2023 12:17 PM GMT
Akshay Patra, which has collaborated with state governments to provide high-quality mid-day meals to students, is one among the recipients of the...

Quest for a simplified regime

27 Sep 2023 12:11 PM GMT
India needs to liberalise its social security and tax laws to alleviate the burden shouldered by taxpayers

Gateway to global capital

26 Sep 2023 12:58 PM GMT
India’s Global Bond Index listing will attract increased foreign investment and ensure deeper integration with the international financial landscape,...

Descending into turmoil

26 Sep 2023 12:53 PM GMT
The utter disregard for scientific warnings and protocols, coupled with reckless tourism, has pushed the fragile Himalayas into the realm of recurrent...

Nurturing the heritage

25 Sep 2023 1:14 PM GMT
Constitution of a team of experts for an in-depth study on Telangana State Archives and Research Institute can help preserve the rich historical...

Passages or barriers?

25 Sep 2023 1:08 PM GMT
Owing to their multiple merits, entrance exams deserve due place in the admission process, but the overall criteria needs to be remodeled to unburden...

Mired in turmoil

24 Sep 2023 1:03 PM GMT
The ongoing sectarian turbulence in Gilgit-Baltistan reflects the failure of the Pakistan government in controlling the situation; it may spill over...

Talking Shop: We need George Foremans

24 Sep 2023 1:01 PM GMT
The name is but a synonym for someone who can be tough, aggressive and yet compassionate. That’s someone who fights the odds and gets life back on...

Women’s Reservation Bill: After 27 years, at last!

22 Sep 2023 12:20 PM GMT
The Women’s Reservation Bill has finally been passed even as another long wait for its implementation begins

Water warriors of desert

22 Sep 2023 12:13 PM GMT
Communities in Rajasthan this year made full use of the very heavy rain that the region saw; there are many lessons to be learnt from this work

Catalysing social change

21 Sep 2023 4:37 PM GMT
Through strategic funding for promoting entrepreneurship, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is strengthening marginalised communities,...

Learning through transitions

21 Sep 2023 4:35 PM GMT
The College on Wheels initiative of the J&K government presents an opportunity for girls to gain experiential learning and assimilate with cultures...
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