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Frail at the bottom

8 Dec 2022 1:09 PM GMT
A comprehensive approach is required to relieve the vulnerable workforce from the distress caused by climate change and economic turmoil; writes...

Relieving the overburdened

8 Dec 2022 1:03 PM GMT
Gender-sensitive strategies can help address the health concerns of climate-stressed women

Ending the fracas

7 Dec 2022 1:38 PM GMT
The government and the Supreme Court need to reconcile on the matter of introducing reforms in the process of appointing judges

Nexus of Good: An enlightening endeavour

7 Dec 2022 1:07 PM GMT
Operating on the principle of self-reliance, Pardada Pardadi School in Bulandshahr has been imparting all-round education to marginalised girls

Grandeur with quality

6 Dec 2022 1:40 PM GMT
The overall investment scenario can be improved only when gala investment meets are complemented with an on-ground systematic and consistent focus on...

G20 India: An egalitarian grouping

6 Dec 2022 1:31 PM GMT
W20 India — an official G20 engagement group — will take ahead G20's discourse towards fostering an equal and equitable society for women

Missing decency and value system

5 Dec 2022 1:56 PM GMT
Mushrooming of regional political parties without stated political goals, and the deterioration of political values across the spectrum are taking...

Challenging pursuit

5 Dec 2022 1:42 PM GMT
India needs a positive legal bias in favour of women, along with their adequate political participation, to secure and empower them

Talking Shop: Re-birth of satire

4 Dec 2022 5:57 PM GMT
Unbeknownst to many, satire was born in our very India in the 1600s and the first ‘stand-up comedians’ merrily blanched their rulers. The trend is...

Misleading rhetoric

4 Dec 2022 5:42 PM GMT
The November 23 military address by General Bajwa appears devoid of fact, and is meant to cover up historical follies and present misdeeds

Shifting prestige

2 Dec 2022 4:45 PM GMT
Once pioneered by western nations, the idea of soft power diplomacy is gaining traction in Asian countries like Japan, China and India

The future of money

2 Dec 2022 4:26 PM GMT
The Reserve Bank of India has piloted its digital currency, heralding the money revolution
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