Saving the arable land

28 March 2023 12:34 PM GMT
A meaningful legal framework for transfer of land, and reorientation of the acquisition process towards uncultivable areas are necessary to preserve...

Cushioning a crisis

28 March 2023 12:29 PM GMT
As a bulwark against the destabilising effects of bank collapses in the US, the RBI should avoid hiking repo rate to ensure financial stability

Spare the tinderbox!

27 March 2023 11:52 AM GMT
Resurfacing of militancy in Punjab calls for a retrospective glance on history which indicates that solution lies in an inclusive approach, and not in...

Shaping changemakers

27 March 2023 11:49 AM GMT
Amid fast-evolving climatic risks, it is vital to incorporate green learning in schools through a planned, phased and structured process

Talking Shop: Last sporting chance

26 March 2023 11:49 AM GMT
The India men’s cricket team and its major players are toggling their minds, for the end may well be nigh. Two World Cups beckon, or their world is...

Nullifying nefarious designs

26 March 2023 11:46 AM GMT
To deal with the onslaught of opposition in an election year, Bangladeshi government should strengthen its fight against communalism and neutralise...

Bedrock of sustainability

24 March 2023 1:15 PM GMT
The first G20 Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group meeting laid the foundation for a meaningful discourse on integrated,...

Lives snuffed out

24 March 2023 1:11 PM GMT
Student suicides in premium educational institutes have increased over the years. It’s time for an evaluation

A pioneering budget

23 March 2023 12:00 PM GMT
Delhi government’s budget for FY2023-24 presents a ground-breaking plan for creating a greener, smarter, and healthier city where residents could live...

Building a bulwark

23 March 2023 11:56 AM GMT
The collapse of SVB and Signature Bank in the US can potentially impact Indian financial sector in multiple ways; safeguards must be put in place

Perilous modification

22 March 2023 11:48 AM GMT
Historical precedents caution that the spread of genetically modified Darling 58 chestnut tree can dangerously alter the shared environment, rendering...

Nexus of Good: An out-of-the-box initiative

22 March 2023 11:45 AM GMT
The novel, unique initiative towards ensuring overall care of deprived children through General Healthcare and Child Welfare Fund in Moradabad has...
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