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Region of resplendence & abundance

25 March 2023 4:37 PM GMT
BIMSTEC, a grouping representing a region with profound economic and ecological significance, provides India an ideal platform to lead the world,...

A blitz on the boots

25 March 2023 4:14 PM GMT
As the Champions League comes to its business end with diversely experienced teams — from underdogs to defending champions — making their way to the...

A healing touch for mind

25 March 2023 3:48 PM GMT
Despite having its roots in the Indian culture, ‘therapy’ as a healing mechanism has come to be surrounded by a plethora of myths and taboo

An era of enriched visuals

25 March 2023 3:43 PM GMT
The vivid world of printed photographs can be transformatively made more enchanting with the creative use of augmented reality — allowing...

Beads of brilliance

25 March 2023 3:39 PM GMT
After its revival in the 16th century in Khambhat, the 4,000-year-old Harrapan craft of agate bead-making started dominating the export market but...

Ephemeral prosperity

25 March 2023 3:37 PM GMT
Riding on technological innovations, the Seventh Plan surpassed its growth target through efficient utilisation of capital but also witnessed...

In murky waters

18 March 2023 4:46 PM GMT
In a crucial year culminating into the ODI World Cup, the chance entry into WTC final, a slew of injuries and faulty, opaque workload management of...

Triggering mental maladies

18 March 2023 4:42 PM GMT
A surge in H3N2 influenza cases is negatively impacting the mental health of affected persons — presenting a need to address both physical and...

An abode of happiness

18 March 2023 4:36 PM GMT
The life in Fiji — an enchanting archipelago which is the ‘jewel’ of the South Pacific — is blessed with unmatched peace, tranquillity and happiness,...

An art with ubiquity

18 March 2023 4:02 PM GMT
Originated in Central Asia, the iconic Jaipur Blue Pottery has managed to retain its radiant colour and traditional motifs over the ages, and has...

Taste of success

18 March 2023 4:01 PM GMT
Implemented amid turbulent domestic and global situations, the twin sixth plan not just managed to achieve its growth target but also put a tab on...


18 March 2023 3:55 PM GMT
The Western embargo on Russian oil has only nudged the transcontinental nation to diversify its oil trade in currencies other than the dollar —...
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