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Escaping the vortex

23 Sep 2023 4:36 PM GMT
India needs to strategically modify its farm subsidies to break the corporate farming-triggered vicious cycle of declining output in order to...

Fortifying cognitive resilience

23 Sep 2023 3:39 PM GMT
Alzheimer’s disease, which is one of the most common types of dementia, cannot be cured, but can be slowed down using a range cognitive and...

An epic and the genesis of Bharat

23 Sep 2023 3:30 PM GMT
In the book ‘Mahabharata: The Epic and the Nation’, GN Devy puts Ved Vyasa’s timeless masterpiece in the wider context of epic tradition — offering an...

Navigating the turmoil

23 Sep 2023 3:26 PM GMT
Coming in the wake of exchange rate disturbances, energy crisis, and a precarious economic environment, the prolonged Tokyo Round (1973-79) of trade...

Chicken Enchiladas

16 Sep 2023 3:48 PM GMT
Ingredients * 1 tablespoon olive oil, or as needed * 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves * 1 onion, chopped * 1 ¾ cups shredded Cheddar...

A marvel carved in soapstone

16 Sep 2023 3:34 PM GMT
Built in 12th century and sculpted from soapstone, the star-shaped 900-year-old Chennakeshava Swamy temple complex in Belur, Karnataka, is a...

Chronicles of Bharat

16 Sep 2023 2:58 PM GMT
The three books under discussion — Vyas Mishra’s Kaun Taar Se Beeni Chadariya set in the JP-era Bihar; Priyadarshan’s collection of 42 insightful...

Groundbreaking reformations

16 Sep 2023 2:40 PM GMT
The Kennedy Round of trade negotiations achieved an average tariff reduction of 35 per cent on industrial goods—outstripping its predecessors—and...

Paradoxical prosperity

16 Sep 2023 2:32 PM GMT
Although India’s GST revenue has been witnessing YoY increases, the ‘regressive’ indirect tax system has disproportionately shifted the burden onto...

Healing with compassion

9 Sep 2023 3:51 PM GMT
As the disturbing trend of suicides exhibits an upward trend in India, the need for awareness and empathetic support has increased more than ever

An adrenaline-packed debut

9 Sep 2023 3:44 PM GMT
Indian motorsports enthusiasts gear up for an electrifying debut of high-speed racing on the Buddh International Circuit from September 22; writes...

Literary gems in Hindi

9 Sep 2023 3:27 PM GMT
The third knowledge vertical of Valley of Words is poised to discuss three shortlisted Hindi books — Shubhra Upadhyaya’s translation of Kadambari...
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