A healing touch for mind

25 March 2023 3:48 PM GMT
Despite having its roots in the Indian culture, ‘therapy’ as a healing mechanism has come to be surrounded by a plethora of myths and taboo

Triggering mental maladies

18 March 2023 4:42 PM GMT
A surge in H3N2 influenza cases is negatively impacting the mental health of affected persons — presenting a need to address both physical and...

Lost in a hustle?

11 March 2023 2:36 PM GMT
Like humans’ capabilities, their limitations, too, need to be respected to get rid of the flawed notion of productivity which results in burnout, and...

Fight the fright

4 March 2023 4:34 PM GMT
The fairly common phenomenon of performance anxiety becomes counterproductive beyond a certain point, and requires steady, tech-based effort in its...

New lingo of love

18 Feb 2023 4:29 PM GMT
Humans’ romantic relationships have acquired new dimensions in the modern age and so has the language describing it; check out if you’re updated with...

Braving an ordeal?

11 Feb 2023 3:48 PM GMT
Building up of pressure during exam times is quite an obvious thing; while students should deal with it by staying calm and taking proper sleep,...

Managing menstruation woes

4 Feb 2023 3:15 PM GMT
While menstrual leave may be a contested issue, the abatement of menstrual inequity and unhygienic protection methods, through effective dissemination...

Boon or bane?

28 Jan 2023 3:14 PM GMT
While we don’t tire enumerating the advantages of social media, parents’ apprehensions about psychological and neurophysiological impacts on children...

Marching orders

21 Jan 2023 3:25 PM GMT
Being laid off from an organisation is indeed a traumatic experience; one should react with composure, process the loss and accept it with dignity

‘Unhealthy’ path to fitness?

21 Jan 2023 3:20 PM GMT
Increase in incidents of death at gym while working-out is attributable to a possible set of reasons; and calls for close monitoring of certain signs...

Escaping the red mist

14 Jan 2023 4:26 PM GMT
Rage is a neurobiochemical phenomenon that results from an interplay of a range of social and environmental triggers

What's in a word!

17 Dec 2022 5:17 PM GMT
Designated as ‘word(s) of the year’ by prominent dictionaries around the globe, the chosen ones for 2022 highlight the significance of mental health
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