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Identifying the red flags

3 Dec 2022 4:37 PM GMT
Shraddha Walker murder case is a rough reminder that one should retrospect on the 'style' of relationship they are in, identify the warning signs, and...

Caregiving in disguise

19 Nov 2022 9:19 PM GMT
Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a rare, treatable mental disorder associated with caretakers who intentionally create or exaggerate symptoms in...

An unattended enigma

12 Nov 2022 2:25 PM GMT
Men’s Health Awareness Month is celebrated throughout November to educate and promote global awareness of men’s physical and mental health

Dreadful apparitions

29 Oct 2022 4:19 PM GMT
While some awfully dread the existence ghosts, others love to get absorbed in the thrill of horror movies; there is concrete scientific explanation to...

Fighting the 'inner demon'

22 Oct 2022 6:29 PM GMT
Sexual OCD is one of the least talked about subtypes of obsessive-compulsive disorder that can result from a range of biological, psychological and...

Shifting paradigm

8 Oct 2022 3:23 PM GMT
The discourse around mental health has crossed many milestones; now is the time for all-round participation by people to normalise newer trends

Grieving the loss

24 Sep 2022 5:45 PM GMT
Grief, being a natural response to loss, is a healthy phenomenon unless it takes certain forms that are considered troublesome

World Suicide Prevention Awareness Day: Talk suicides

10 Sep 2022 9:01 PM GMT
Going by this year’s theme — ‘creating hope through action’ — there is a need to weed out multifaceted stigmas around suicide and normalise...

Unquestionable prerogative

27 Aug 2022 6:01 PM GMT
The decision to not have a child, with its set of pros and cons, should certainly be left to the couples

Sifting stigmas

13 Aug 2022 7:39 PM GMT
In the Breastfeeding Awareness Month of August, people should shed the psychological taboos associated with the natural act, and normalise it by...

Rolling stones

23 July 2022 7:51 PM GMT
With the pandemic subsiding and the realm of ‘digital’ providing the required leverage, certain class of professionals are preferring to travel across...

Defying the 'distance'

16 July 2022 7:00 PM GMT
Long-distance relationships in today’s age come with their own sets of challenges and benefits; all that is needed is a careful strategy to keep the...
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