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In Retrospect

Flaccid & finite framework

3 Dec 2022 4:30 PM GMT
Without the explicit mention of non-personal and manual data, the scope of Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022, stands diluted; India could...

Of profound fecundity

26 Nov 2022 6:21 PM GMT
Conspiracy theories and apprehensions notwithstanding, experts opine that Dhara Mustard Hybrid-11 is safe from health perspective and can enhance crop...

Ending in a stalemate?

19 Nov 2022 8:52 PM GMT
The increasingly vocal stance of developing nations at COP27 towards the materialisation of 'loss and damage' funding has raised some hopes around...

Retrograde maneuvering

12 Nov 2022 2:08 PM GMT
Even as the cyclic problem of stubble burning — which had its genesis in the first green revolution — shows no signs of abatement, the government...

A customary 'British' PM

5 Nov 2022 6:20 PM GMT
Pragmatically, the much-hyped Indian origin and Hindu faith of the new British PM will hardly have any significant bearing on Britain’s outlook...

Paying for the remiss?

29 Oct 2022 3:54 PM GMT
Longstanding negligence around the energy security issue — resulting in high import dependency — has thrown Europe into a deep energy crisis; India...


22 Oct 2022 6:21 PM GMT
Indian government’s outright denial of GHI report on ‘methodological’ grounds covers up a deeper malaise — lack of authentic data, which may push the...

Feeding war on peace?

15 Oct 2022 6:55 PM GMT
The Nobel Peace Prize to three anti-Russia entities amid the war in Ukraine entails the long-prevailing Western strategy of sustaining conflicts...

Emergence of a new pole?

8 Oct 2022 3:14 PM GMT
Coming amid the collapse of West-led neoliberal economics, the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party will likely project China’s...

Time for an overhaul

1 Oct 2022 8:47 PM GMT
As the dominance of dollar in the currency market pushes countries on the verge of stagflation, there is a need to restructure the functioning of...

A misbegotten priority

24 Sep 2022 5:37 PM GMT
At a time when multiple endangered species in India are teetering on the verge of extinction and tribal populations are languishing under extreme...

Fading foothold

17 Sep 2022 7:52 PM GMT
Queen’s demise amid tumultuous politico-economic situation in the UK may loosen the country’s grip of soft power over Commonwealth nations
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