Descending into turmoil

26 Sep 2023 12:53 PM GMT
The utter disregard for scientific warnings and protocols, coupled with reckless tourism, has pushed the fragile Himalayas into the realm of recurrent...

A mammoth menace

19 Sep 2023 12:52 PM GMT
The incremental rise in urban flooding across India merits due consideration and a multifaceted approach for addressal — both of which are absent...

A bleak future

29 Aug 2023 12:23 PM GMT
The findings of the Global Economic Outlook suggest that despite efforts across countries and regions, the global environment’s overall condition...

Oppenheimer Prometheus unbound

19 Aug 2023 4:02 PM GMT
One of the film’s pleasures is experiencing, by proxy, the kinetic excitement of intellectual discourse. At Berkeley, the trajectory of Oppenheimer’s...

Propitious challenge

8 Aug 2023 12:37 PM GMT
A paradigmatic shift in geopolitics, coupled with China’s questionable position as the manufacturing capital, offers India a chance to register gains...

A promising commitment?

4 Aug 2023 1:08 PM GMT
The political commitment in the form of ‘Global Parliamentary Pact’ on transforming the agrifood system presents hope of fostering availability and...

Ripple effect

17 July 2023 11:49 AM GMT
A reduced farm yield on account of El Nino will not only affect farmers’ income, but also lead to a contraction in the Indian economy

Managing a menace

11 July 2023 12:21 PM GMT
Coprocessing in cement kilns offers a viable route for end-of-life management of plastics — ensuring energy efficiency at the same time

Thriving with a caveat

27 Jun 2023 1:14 PM GMT
While the resurging popularity of millets presents reasons to be upbeat, stakeholders must exercise caution to ensure that the crops don’t fall prey...

Sweltering coolants!

13 Jun 2023 11:42 AM GMT
As ACs have become imperative for a large working class living in hotter conditions, the focus must be on enhancing their efficiency to protect...

Dealing with asymmetry

25 May 2023 12:53 PM GMT
Amping up of adaptive capabilities, along with vulnerability-mapping, can offset the compounding effects of extreme weather events resulting from...

The maverick maestro

20 May 2023 5:53 PM GMT
Widely acknowledged for pioneering the use of nuanced Western techniques in Indian cinema and mirroring the Bengal of his times in his work, Mrinal...
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