Dealing with asymmetry

25 May 2023 12:53 PM GMT
Amping up of adaptive capabilities, along with vulnerability-mapping, can offset the compounding effects of extreme weather events resulting from...

The maverick maestro

20 May 2023 5:53 PM GMT
Widely acknowledged for pioneering the use of nuanced Western techniques in Indian cinema and mirroring the Bengal of his times in his work, Mrinal...

Overdue alleviation

18 May 2023 12:28 PM GMT
As women remain the worst sufferers of climate change, a holistic approach that prioritises the inclusion of women in climate policies and actions is...

Retaining fertility

4 May 2023 12:26 PM GMT
By recognising best practices on the ground and bridging the knowledge gap through collaboration with research organisations, soil fertility can be...

The garb of ‘conservation’

24 April 2023 1:07 PM GMT
The Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill paves the way for commodification of forests, ironically contradicting its own stated objective

Miles to cover

20 April 2023 12:19 PM GMT
Government’s existing efforts towards achieving energy efficiency need to be complemented with diverse policy initiatives to make India a net-zero...

Varying shades of ‘green’

10 April 2023 12:16 PM GMT
Sophisticated calculation models are required to decode the true colour of national budgets — conveniently coded as ‘green’ — to provide people with a...

Touring for cure

4 April 2023 12:51 PM GMT
The rising cost of treatment in developed nations has created an opportunity for developing nations, including India, to groom themselves as medical...

Beyond caveats

3 April 2023 12:48 PM GMT
Though there are challenges in terms of charging infrastructure and higher upfront cost vis-à-vis ICE alternatives, the EV sector has a lot to offer...

Shaping changemakers

27 March 2023 11:49 AM GMT
Amid fast-evolving climatic risks, it is vital to incorporate green learning in schools through a planned, phased and structured process

Perilous modification

22 March 2023 11:48 AM GMT
Historical precedents caution that the spread of genetically modified Darling 58 chestnut tree can dangerously alter the shared environment, rendering...

Remembering Rosenstrasse

14 March 2023 12:19 PM GMT
Rosenstrasse protests by ‘gentile’ women against Nazi Germany to save their Jewish husbands should inspire ‘safe’ sections of population to stand for...
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