Millennium Post

Nexus of Good: An enlightening endeavour

7 Dec 2022 1:07 PM GMT
Operating on the principle of self-reliance, Pardada Pardadi School in Bulandshahr has been imparting all-round education to marginalised girls

Nexus of Good: Twin solutions

30 Nov 2022 2:06 PM GMT
Water scarcity and forest fires are quite common in hilly tracts of the country and, ironically, these two problems are linked but unaddressed. Here...

Nexus of Good: Grooming the changemakers

23 Nov 2022 2:56 PM GMT
Nexus of Good awardee Climate Change connects students with the realities of the most pertinent threat of this age and hones their problem-solving...

Nexus of Good: Learning through exemplification

16 Nov 2022 5:12 PM GMT
Based on pillars of education, innovation, and social impact, Janyaa foundation has been promoting experiential learning with a unique set of...

Nexus of Good: Ensuring last-mile excellence

9 Nov 2022 12:34 PM GMT
Peepul won the well-deserved Nexus of Good Award for facilitating last-mile delivery of quality education in partnership with governments by enhancing...

Nexus of Good: Illuminating the twilight

2 Nov 2022 3:09 PM GMT
Pioneered by a mother-daughter duo, DOBARA is helping the elderly live with joy and dignity by ensuring a sense of belongingness and purpose in them

Nexus of Good: Rejuvenating endeavour

27 Oct 2022 3:03 AM GMT
Sandeshkhali Maa Saroda Women and Rural Welfare Society has been spearheading efforts to salvage the environment and serve the poor in Sundarbans

Nexus of Good: Foundational stimulus

19 Oct 2022 1:34 PM GMT
Internationally acclaimed Rocket Learning received the Nexus of Good Award for catalysing ECCE in government and low-cost private schools across

Nexus of Good: A climb to the top

12 Oct 2022 2:45 PM GMT
Project RAIL, initiated by young IAS officers, helped Koderma ace the board results by facilitating practice-based, two-way learning in govt. schools

Nexus of Good: Saving lives, shaping lives

5 Oct 2022 2:29 PM GMT
Navin Jhakar received Nexus of Good Award for his ICT solutions ensuring quarantine management, oxygen supply and cybercrime containment during the...

Nexus of Good: Recuperative endeavour

28 Sep 2022 2:58 PM GMT
By ensuring community participation, two IAS officers in Fatehpur District of UP made remarkable efforts to conserve water in the ‘dark zone’ blocks

Nexus of Good: Exceptional endeavour

21 Sep 2022 2:25 PM GMT
Pravir Krishna received the Nexus of Good Award for his successful effort towards transforming tribal lives through an alternative marketing approach...
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