Dealing with a distress

20 March 2023 12:52 PM GMT
To resolve the recurring crisis faced by growers of TOP vegetables, policymakers should build a sustained institutional mechanism to ensure price...

Leading the change

17 Feb 2023 1:21 PM GMT
Through their creativity, innovative skills, and problem-solving approach, District Officers can transform the lives of people by facilitating good...

Micro-model of governance

9 Feb 2023 12:56 PM GMT
Identification of aspirational blocks under local area development plan holds promise for rural development, but only with the right leadership

Opportunity with challenges

23 Jan 2023 12:54 PM GMT
The decision to allow the branches of foreign universities in India is a step in the right direction but certain issues need to be resolved

Grandeur with quality

6 Dec 2022 1:40 PM GMT
The overall investment scenario can be improved only when gala investment meets are complemented with an on-ground systematic and consistent focus on...

A necessary rejig

28 Nov 2022 4:42 PM GMT
Revamping the process of selection of CECs and ECs and formulating a law for the same would further strengthen the sanctity of the Election

The writing is on the wall

20 Oct 2022 2:55 PM GMT
The red flags raised by the GHI report regarding malnutrition in India are indeed concerning, and deserve acknowledgement rather than denial

In formative phase

10 Oct 2022 1:09 PM GMT
It may be too early to compare the efficacy of still-evolving NITI Aayog vis-à-vis Planning Commission; the new body has the potential to emerge...

Solution through decentralisation

20 Sep 2022 1:07 PM GMT
Urban local bodies need to be equipped with adequate funds, functions and functionaries to ensure robust urban governance and solve regional...

A route to reform

16 Aug 2022 1:55 PM GMT
Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2022 — through delicensing of the distribution business and incorporation of private players — can address the woes of...

A prospective extension

24 July 2022 6:30 PM GMT
Exorbitant level of inequality in Indian cities makes urban employment guarantee scheme — on the lines of MGNREGA but with distinct features — an...

A structural malaise

14 July 2022 5:39 PM GMT
Role reversal and inconsistencies in deciding transfers of class-I and class-II officers has created a lucrative transfer industry which derails the...
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