Hooda decries hike in weight reduction enforced on sugarcane

Chandigarh: Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda has termed the government's decision to enforce weight reduction of 7 per cent on sugarcane purchased by mills as injustice to the farmers. He said the bagasse, the dry pulpy material that remains after the cane is crushed, is being sold at a higher price than sugarcane itself. Hooda said last year there was a 5 per cent weight reduction on the crop harvested from the harvester, which has been increased to 7 per cent this time, while other states including Punjab have less deduction than Haryana. "In Punjab, there is only 3 per cent deduction on both private and government sales. In such a situation, for what crime the farmers of Haryana are being punished by the BJP-JJP govt," he said. mpost

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