"Intimacy" | Unravelling the dark side of cyber world

 23 Jun 2022 2:26 PM GMT  |  Alen Paul

Unravelling the dark side of cyber world

Privacy is desired by every individual especially in the times when internet has brought us closer to people that we shouldn’t even be having in our lives. But what happens when that privacy gets violated, leaving one with a tarnished reputation in families and the society?

Netflix’s Spanish drama ‘Intimacy’ gives us a closer look at such dreadful incidents and how these can ruin lives .

Directed by 4 filmmakers - Jorge Torregrossa, Ben Gutteridge, Marta Font, Koldo Almandoz - the series follows politician Malen Zubiri’s story, (Itziar Ituno) who is running for the Mayorship of Bilbao when a shocking turn of events not only topples up her public life but her private life as well. Soon follows a chain of incidents that showcases her journey of searching for the traitor who betrayed her and her rise as a politician.

While telling an engaging tale, the Spanish drama focuses on issues like cybercrimes, privacy violations, public humiliation and most importantly, the dangers of one’s personal information being leaked. The latter truly shudders the audience as they ponder over the horrors one experiences while being secretly blackmailed.

Besides keeping the viewers on their toes with each mystery ready to be unraveled, what makes the series even more engaging is that it doesn’t solely focus on a single woman but on the stories of three other women, who have been wronged by people at some point in their lives. How these four ladies relate to each other, given the circumstances, keeps the audience hooked.

It’s not wrong to admit that such cases mostly happen to the female population who are forced to face the unthinkable consequences. What’s even more tragic is that either they don’t agree to report these cybercrimes or commit suicide in the fear of being humiliated by society. All these factors have been successfully showcased by the directors.

In the acting department, Itziar Ituno as a strong and level-headed politician Malen Zubiri is worth watching. Even after being publicly shamed by the traitor through her leaked sex tape, she doesn’t display any kind of vulnerability. She doesn’t show any remorse towards her husband and daughter as the leaked tape included her and Cesar, a man with whom she had more than a fling. Even after facing hardships from her colleagues, Malen refuses to break and continues running for the Mayorship while also searching for the traitor and fighting against the cybercrime that brought her life downhill. Her dialogue ‘I feel afraid. But I don’t feel any shame…” sums up her bravery in the face of turmoil.

From Begona’s (Patricia Lopez Arnaiz) heart-rendering emotional performance to her dead sister Ane’s (Veronica Echegui) dialogues, the supporting cast gives powerful performances in their own style that makes the eight-episode series even more impactful.

The direction at certain points gets weak with scenes of past and present going back and forth, therefore making it a tad bit confusing for the viewers.

Another worth mentioning thing is the cinematography. Every action and emotion shown in a way that grasps the viewers’ attention is nothing short of perfection.

As a series that perfectly reveals the ugly truths of women lives without being preachy, ‘Intimacy’ is worth watching for all! It’s available on Netflix. 

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