Tensed about JEE Main? Tips to combat stress

Tensed about JEE Main? Tips to combat stress

Stress, anxiety, and depression — these are all prelude feelings in a student before any major exam. Be it Boards, competitive or even class promotion exams, some students become more prone to these situations. Students are found spending sleepless nights having fever, experiencing blackouts or nausea — all due to anxiety and exam phobia. With the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2023 Season 1 currently on, Pradeepta Chatterjee, principal and wellness counsellor — Techno India Group Public School, Hooghly, and also city coordinator, National Testing Agency (NTA) Exams, Hooghly, shares last-minute tips to stay calm and concentrate better before the D-Day, which is scheduled to take place on January 28, 29, 30, 31 and February 1.

1. Students should feel that an exam is a celebration, not suffocation.

2. Cooperation and support from both home and school are a must. It is important to understand the psyche of the student.

3. Replenish reinforcements to remain steady and casual before sitting for an exam.

4. If needed, the student must talk to someone close — parents, friends, relatives, teachers, or whoever can support the internal emotional turbulence.

5. It’s extremely important to eat light and nutritious food starting one week before the commencement of the exam and drink plenty of water.

6. Resort to music therapy/play therapy (outdoor/indoor) or watch a movie, read a comic book or whatever pastime the student is interested in.

7. A student must be able to spend at least half an hour of ‘ME’ time every day. It is also important to spend some quality time with friends and peers to avoid isolation.

8. It is crucial to learn some relaxation techniques, including exercise, deep breathing or early morning or evening jogging.

9. An aspirant should learn how to study efficiently and not continuously.

10. Before the examination, it is vital to have proper sleep and not use the cell phone much.

11. Parents must help their wards who are appearing for exams to listen to some motivational speeches and talks on audio/video platforms. This can be a very good stress buster.

12. Students should always be encouraged to meditate and practice relaxation exercises.

13. As adults, we must be able to understand the emotional turmoil of JEE aspirants and help them overcome it.

14. Last but not the least, every candidate appearing for the exam should be happy and positive.

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