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Preventive guidelines for CKD and post transplant patients during the transition from LOCKDOWN to UNLOCK phase

As we all know this lock down period cannot continue forever which is already pressing our economy badly in various ways. We cannot continue to bear this huge loss in economy for a long period of time. Therefore government has rightly taken the decision to unlock all necessary services with utmost care. In this transition phase from lockdown to unlock, COVID-19 cases are increasing exponentially by every passing day.

Hence we all have to take care of ourselves more effectively than a normal individual because we stand at a greater risk for Covid-19 transmission. As we all know co-morbidity and immunity-compromised patient possess more vulnerability for Covid-19.

CKD itself is a co-morbidity that poses a greater risk. And we all are aware that the reason behind CKD is primarily either diabetes or hypertension. Hence CKD patients are on high risk for Covid-19.

"And those who are solid organ transplant recipients are all on immunity-suppression drugs to avoid organ rejection. This makes you more vulnerable and susceptible for infection. Therefore it is obvious that the degree of complications in covid-19 for these patients will be on the higher side".

So you need to be utmost careful to avoid the infection in first place. You should adapt all the safety measures to be safe from infection. You should wear a mask always. You should avoid the crowded places. And for dialysis and routine checkup you have to commute in a private vehicle and should avoid public vehicle at any cost. Time to time hand sanitization is also essential. Other protective gear apart from mask like gloves,

face shield are also very useful. Routine sanitization of your washroom and if possible your habitat area too, this will give you additional protection.

For CKD patients who are on dialysis, during the procedure, medical professionals should ensure utmost hygiene in their centers to avoid contamination from the Covid-19 infection. During administration of insulin and EPO patient has to ensure the hygiene. In this current situation if their caregivers can learn the art of administration of injections like insulin and EPO, it will be a great help in avoidance of infection as this will ensure less exposure to outside. You have to be careful about your diet too. You have to follow the guidelines given by your doctor or your dietician. They will advise you healthy hygienic immune modulator food to take care of you better.

"If any family member of yours is suspected with Covid-19 he should isolate himself immediately to avoid the spread of infection. In this case you need to take care additionally with possible care. You need to double check your protection in that case."

By any chance if you show any of the symptoms of Covid-19, you have to quickly test yourself for the infection under the guidance of proper medical tea, be it government setup or private. If you turn out to be positive with Covid-19 then you should not panic and you should be under admission in a medical facility. Even though your co-morbidity increases the risk with Covid-19, however it has very less mortality than many of the life threatening diseases.

My advice to you is firstly you need to learn how to you take care of yourself so that you will be protected from this disease. And if by any chance you get contaminated with the disease don't be panic. You can do better and can come out from it with proper care and treatment.

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