MCD Mayor working on war footing, leads series of inspections

New Delhi: MCD Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi inspected various schools, hospitals, parks and community centres on Monday. She visited Ward No 55 Shalimar Bagh-A and Ward 66 Wazirpur along with the local councillors, DC and concerned officials of the civic agency.

The Mayor noted with deep concern that no work has been done in the MCD for a long time. She said that she plans to resolve this now by bringing the Kejriwal Model of governance to MCD. During the inspection, she stated, now work will be done to transform MCD’s school, hospital, park, road, garbage management system on a mission mode. The 10 guarantees given by the AAP will be fulfilled as soon as possible.”

The Mayor first inspected a park in Shalimar Bagh-A’s Haiderpur Village along with councillors Jalaj Chaudhary. She raised her concerns about the park’s maintenance and upkeep and met with the horticulture officers present at the site.

She enquired about the availability of the staff and directed the officers to immediately resolve issues like broken railings, cleanliness and security.

After that, Dr Oberoi visited three schools of the ward. She noticed an absence of administrative staffers and security guards at the schools. She instructed the officers to arrange guards in schools and strengthen the infrastructure.

The Mayor also expressed her anger over the fact that principals were absent in some schools and in many cases students were being made to sit on the floor. Apart from this, she took information about the quality of mid-day meals provided to the children in the school.

Later, Dr Oberoi visited the MCD Ayurvedic Hospital located in Haiderpur Village. The hospital was completely dilapidated with some parts in fatal condition. She was apprised that there is a shortage of medicines in the hospital.

The Mayor also interacted with the patients and took stock of the treatment being provided to them. As per the locals, the hospital used to be a very crucial facility at one point and is now a complete disaster that needs to be fixed immediately.

Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi also reached Ward-66 Wazirpur. She inspected the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park along with MLA Rajesh Gupta and Councillor Chitra Vidyarti. After this, she inspected the Excellence School Nimri Colony, MCP School JJ Colony Wazirpur, Primary School JJ Colony Wazirpur. She learnt during the inspection of Primary School JJ Colony that a part of it was lying closed for a long time. That building was built in 1972.

Finally the Mayor inspected JJ Colony’s Community Centre, which was completely broken. There the DC told that due to paucity of funds the new one could not be built even though permission has been given to make it.

After the inspection, Dr Oberoi stated, “We conducted an inspection of Ward 55 and 66, and also took a round inspecting the MCD Schools, Community Centre, Parks and Hospitals. As of today, the situation in MCD schools is deplorable. Some schools we went to lacked a Principal, some schools lacked guards, some lacked chairs, and we found there was a lack of amenities and services that are required in schools for providing safety and security to our kids, which is our biggest concern.”

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