‘Masti Ki Pathshala’: Govt holds summer camps at 150 locations

New Delhi: The Delhi government organised “Masti Ki Pathshala” summer camps at 150 locations across the city with Education minister Atishi, who recently visited the ongoing summer camp at Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya in Dwarka Sector-19, and expressed that every child deserves enriching experiences during summer vacations, regardless of their financial background.

“In the past, middle-class parents often faced the challenge of providing their children with such experiences due to financial constraints. However, the Kejriwal government has eliminated this concern by organizing exceptional summer workshops free of cost for thousands of children,” she said.

Through the “Masti Ki Pathshala” summer camp, the government will not only teach children new skills but

also introduce them to the rich art, culture, and languages of India, the minister said during her visit.

The summer camp blends education and entertainment and engages children in activities that make learning challenging subjects like Mathematics, Science, and Sanskrit both engaging and intriguing. Moreover, children have the opportunity to explore their artistic side through painting, theatre, and traditional folk arts such as Madhubani painting, Garhwali dance, and music.

The summer camp also incorporates yoga and physical activities. “We believe that a well-rounded education encompasses not only academic subjects but also physical and artistic pursuits. By introducing children to yoga and encouraging their participation in cultural activities, we aim to shape their overall growth,” Atishi added.

The academies impart cultural knowledge through captivating performances like Ramleela, the art of Madhubani painting, and the beauty of the Sanskrit language through storytelling, dance, songs, and poetry. With an overwhelming response from children citywide, the Kejriwal government’s aim to empower children through accessible and enriching opportunities is evident.

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