Lady SI alleges sexual harassment by SHO

A lady sub-inspector with Uttar Pradesh police has alleged sexual harassment by an inspector who is currently posted at Station House Officer at a police station in Noida. While a probe into the matter has been ordered by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Women Safety) Gautam Buddh Nagar, both the SHO and the lady sub-inspector have been sent to district police lines till the matter is being investigated, a senior police officer informed.

As per reports, the SHO has sent messages from his CUG number even after the lady sub-inspector kept on telling him not to send messages on her phone and later blocked his number. The lady sub-inspector has alleged that she was being harassed with repeated lewd messages from the SHO’s from his personal number and was forced to block his number. Later, the SHO started sending him messages from his CUG number as well.

The complaint submitted at DCP office by the woman, stated that the SHO had made her sit in the government vehicle and himself drove the vehicle and took her alone into the field trip. During this time, the SHO kept on molesting the sub-inspector and touched her inappropriately.

It has also been alleged that on the day of Holi, the SHO changed the assigned duty to the lady sub-inspector at the government vehicle. The woman sub-inspector was engaged at a residential society for security purpose but the SHO made her duty changed to the government vehicle.

The woman sub-inspector also alleged that the SHO touched her inappropriately while applying colour on Holi. Along with the compliant, the woman sub-inspector has also made available the screenshots of the chat done by the SHO to the DCP office which is going viral now. Meenakshi Katyayan, DCP (crime & woman safety) said that she received a complaint from the victim on March 13 evening. “Immediately, I asked the ACP woman safety to conduct an investigation and she is investigating the case,” she said.

Amit Kumar Singh, ACP central Noida said that once the matter came into the light of the Commissioner, both officers were sent to police lines.

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