Govt launches mission to revamp Delhi subways

New Delhi: In a bid to improve the condition of subways across Capital, the Delhi government on Friday launched a mission to revamp vital pedestrian pathways.

Taking immediate cognizance of the present state of subways across Delhi, PWD minister Atishi has directed all engineers to work around the clock for a month and ensure the maintenance and repair of these subways on priority basis. Thereafter, starting from July 1, the PWD minister will personally inspect the completed work at subways.

While addressing a press conference on the issue, Atishi said, “During a recent visit to the Punjabi Bagh subway crossing, I was appalled by the deplorable condition of the subway. The situation was such that no person, especially à woman, would ever want to use that subway. It lacked proper lighting, CCTV cameras for security, and regular cleaning. Dangling wires overhead posed a safety hazard, and filth and garbage marred the entire space.”

Atishi convened a meeting of all PWD engineers and issued orders to improve

all subways across Delhi by the end of June.

The minister emphasised that during this one-month period, PWD officials have been directed to ensure cleanliness, adequate lighting, CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety of women, children, and the elderly, as well as the deployment of security guards to protect subways

from anti-social elements in the subways.

Atishi reiterated her commitment to transforming subways across Delhi and ensuring their proper maintenance. She further announced that there are nearly 50 subways in Delhi and post-July, 1 she will personally inspect these subways for maintenance work done by PWD.

“I will personally ensure that all directions regarding subway improvement have been fulfilled by the PWD.

We are accountable to the people of Delhi, and it is our responsibility to make our subways pedestrian-friendly and safe for everyone,”

she stated.

Encouraging active citizen participation, the Minister called upon the people of Delhi to join her in inspecting the subways from July 1. She urged citizens to visit the subways near them, assess the maintenance work done by the PWD, and share their observations via social media by tagging her.

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