Legacy of an iconic ‘liberal’

23 Sep 2023 3:35 PM GMT
In the book ‘Vivekananda’, Govind Krishnan V presents a meticulous chronicle of the monk’s life, religious philosophy, social thought, and ideology,...

Cultural bridge of colours

16 Sep 2023 3:19 PM GMT
The Mahabharata by Chandra Prakash Deval and Alok Bhalla is a four-volume compilation of Allah Baksh’s miniature paintings— accompanied with faithful...

Dissecting momentous decisions

9 Sep 2023 3:33 PM GMT
In How Prime Ministers Decide, Neerja Chowdhury, based on her in-depth interviews with top political figures, bureaucrats, and key decision-makers,...

Quest for blissful slumber

9 Sep 2023 3:31 PM GMT
‘My Sleepless Nights’ by Manohar Grandhi is a simple yet lucid account of how the author battles insomnia and finds a cure eventually

India’s maiden silver screen diva

26 Aug 2023 3:45 PM GMT
A mosaic of vivid narratives, interviews, and profound insights, Amborish Roychoudhury’s book ‘Sridevi’ offers readers a rare glimpse into the...

Whispers from a hidden mosaic

19 Aug 2023 2:59 PM GMT
Bantering with Bandits and Other True Tales of India is a compelling collection of essays by Annie Zaidi, weaving together elements of reportage,...

Embarking on a literary odyssey

12 Aug 2023 4:26 PM GMT
The captivating monograph, RK Narayan, by Indradeep Bhattacharyya, takes readers on a literary voyage, unravelling the interplay of processes,...

Template for drongo politics!

5 Aug 2023 3:25 PM GMT
In Subaltern Studies 2.0, historian Milinda Banerjee and anthropologist Jelle Wouters, contrary to the authoritarian critiques, present a refreshing...

Unravelling an unsung architect

29 July 2023 6:15 PM GMT
Shivdatt Sharma’s Pierre Jeanneret and Chandigarh is a revealing account documenting the life and character of the lesser known of the two prime...

A guide to quick delicacies

22 July 2023 4:25 PM GMT
500 Recipes by Kavita Devgan is a product of her ingenious ideas and techniques manifesting in a vivid range of easy-to-cook delicious foods that are...

Food for inquisitive minds

22 July 2023 4:19 PM GMT
Imaginatively penned by Anita Karwal, Rajnish Kumar, and Rashi Sharma, The Power of Curiosity is a fictional masterpiece narrated in the voice of a...

Entrapped beyond escape!

15 July 2023 4:11 PM GMT
The Visible Invisibles by Shivaji Das & Yolanda Yu is a gripping compilation of meticulously researched human stories featuring low-wage migrant...
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