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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Woman gives birth in Delhi Metro train
Delhi Metro Rail



Woman gives birth in Delhi Metro train

23 July 2012, New Delhi, Puja Banerjee

The incident took place near the Central Secretariat station on Sunday morning.

A woman gave birth to a baby girl inside a moving Metro train on the Badarpur–Central Secretariat corridor on Sunday. This was a first such incident that occurred in the Delhi Metro.

Juli Devi, 27, a resident of Faridabad, gave birth to the girl at 7.28 am when the train was approaching the Central Secretariat Metro station.

The couple were on their way to the Safdarjung hospital by Metro. Being a Sunday, the compartment was almost empty and there were about six people in that particular coach. Devi started her labour as the Metro was approaching Khan Market station. 'The other passengers heard Juli Devi's cries and informed the driver near the Khan Market Metro station, a stop before Central Secretariat,' said a Metro official.

When the train reached Central Secretariat, she was rushed to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital at Connaught Place by the Metro authorities who had arranged for an ambulance by then. The officials took care of all the necessary formalities at the hospital.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s (DMRC) Managing Director Mangu Singh announced that the medical expenses incurred at the hospital would be paid by DMRC. Initially, the non availability of a nursery for the baby was a cause for concern at the RML hospital. However, the Metro staff immediately contacted the hospital authorities, and sought their cooperation in admitting the baby. The baby and the mother are both healthy. Two women employees at station manager level of DMRC have been deputed at the hospital since morning to take care of them, as Devi was not accompanied by any woman. Other necessary help, such as providing a vehicle for movement of the family members, has also been arranged.

According to Delhi Metro, services were not affected due to the incident. 'The frequency was not interrupted as the incident happened when the train reached Central Secretariat and it was the last station. The train after a halt of three to five minutes went back to Badarpur. Our metro train operators do get emergency calls, like commuters feeling dizzy or not well, but this is the first time a woman has given birth to a baby in the Metro,' said an official.

The Delhi Metro, which makes over 2,700 trips a day, covering about 70,000 km and carrying around 1.8 million passengers on working days, has tie-ups with ambulance services across the city. The Metro station staff are also provided phone numbers of nearby hospitals so that immediate medical attention can be provided to the commuters, in case of any emergency.

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