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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Sony postpones ‘Crime Patrol’ episode on Delhi gangrape

12 January 2013, New Delhi, Agencies

Popular TV crime show ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’, which was scheduled to show an episode based on the Delhi gangrape case, has postponed the telecast citing ‘unavoidable reasons’. The episode was due to air Friday-Saturday, but the Information and Broadcasting Ministry had informally asked the channel not to telecast it, keeping in mind the sensitivity involved. ‘The episode of the Delhi gang rape case won’t be telecast today (Friday) on Sony due to unavoidable circumstances. It would be telecast later on a new schedule,’ a source said. A 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist was brutally raped by six men in a moving bus in south Delhi on 16 December. She died on 29 December in a Singapore hospital, where she was being treated for grievous injuries.

The six rapists, including a juvenile, have been arrested and charges, including of murder, have been filed against five of them. Hosted by popular TV actor Anup Soni, ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’ picks crime cases and brings them to the viewers by reconstructing the crime scene with actors. The show has so far shown some popular cases like those of baby Falak, Neeraj Grover murder as well as Mumbai’s eve-teasing case in which Reuben Fernandes and Keenan Santos were killed.

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