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‘When we move a mouse, the whole world moves’
3 September 2014, New Delhi, M Post Bureau
Prime minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday wrapped up a busy day in Tokyo on Tuesday with a lively interaction with the Indian community there. Recounting what he said to an interpreter in Taiwan a few years ago, the prime minister said: ‘We’ve had devaluation.
‘Showman’ Usain Bolt wows India with cricket bat!
Usain Bolt showcased his cricketing talent in front of an enthusiastic 6000-odd crowd who turned up at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium to have a glimpse of the ‘fastest man on earth’ as his team beat Yuvraj-led side in seven-a-side cricket match.
Modi sends missive to MPs to set aside funds for toilets
A letter written by PM Narendra Modi to the members of Parliament to set aside this year’s Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) fund for building toilets for girls in schools has created a turmoil in the right of centre.
SC to examine if Reliance Telecom officials visited CBI chief’s residence ‘50 times in 15 months’
CBI director Ranjit Sinha’s role in 2G scam investigation has come under scrutiny of the Supreme Court. A report on record of visitors at Sinha’s home which appeared in DNA newspaper prompted judges to allow the list to be submitted for their review.

‘Sticking along in a bad marriage is wrong’
Do your ‘wrongs’, chase love, live your life. You deserve to be happy says author Shruti Sharma in...

100 days of Modi Sarkar
As he completes 100 days in office on 3 September, prime minister Narendra Modi’s popularity is still running high as he unleashes a new style of governance and is surprising everyone with his grasp of foreign policy expertise few thought he had it in him.

Cramped and cluttered
Absence of traffic policemen, non-functional red-lights, metro construction blockades, water-logging has brought Delhi to a standstill.

Old order needeth change
Sidharth Mishra
Public schools should work to replace taciturn ways with amenable ideas.
Love jihad, a skewed debate
Garga Chatterjee
Facts, not bombast, must guide us in understanding of social phenomena.
Time to bat for a see-through state
Asoke K Laha
Fear of surveillance notwithstanding, governments today can shuffle through public and unstructured...
What plan for new advisory panel?
Richard Mahapatra
Indications are that the National Development Reforms Commission that will replace the Planning...


Rahane, Dhawan clinch ODI series
Ajinkya Rahane smashed his maiden ODI century as India clinched their first 50-over series win on English soil in 24 years.

Elephants with their young ones near Dehing Patkai Wild Life Sanctuary in Tinsukia.

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